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Want to remove the emotional bully living inside you?

If you’re considering removing negative emotions, or are stuck in a repeating pattern of self sabotage maybe suffering lack of confidence in an area of your life, welcome to what could be the solution you’re looking for.

How can you be sure you have picked the right coach/counsellor?

My 30+ years in emotional health issues have taught me the most important lesson in helping people like you move out of the darkness of negative thoughts and into the light of your true potential.

I have worked with CEO’s, celebrities, in sports and trained other life-coaches and therapists.

Let me start by stating this…

Counselling  takes time talking about the stuff you want to remove and not enough time removing the stuff you don’t want to talk about!

The observation may be subtle and being  a maverick of psychology I can assure you it’s the detail that makes the difference.

If you want positive change to occur, then you have to remove the root cause of negative limitations. You have to remove the emotional bully, born the first time you thought you were not good enough!

Humans are part of the natural order and as such we are not above the laws of nature. Think of negative conditions this way…

You are a growing living organism waiting to flourish into something you have yet to discover. The problem is your roots have been poisoned and your growth has been stunted.

My approach works with people who need help for many different reasons. Those who feel they are not worthy, those who feel “stuck” and those who find it impossible or inconceivable to contemplate that positive change could happen to them.

Contact me and let us have a chat or email me and see what you think about me and  if I can help you with your particular situation.

“What the mind can conceive, the body will believe.”

If you want change, if you want to grow, find purpose, remove trauma, increase confidence, lose weight, stop smoking or experience REAL POSITIVE CHANGE.

Email me on robert@hengecounselling.com

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