Building a better YOU…

Building a better YOU…


I hope at the very least this will show you how to tap into the power of your imagination but I hope it inspires you to think differently about how we create our own destiny.

Having seen countless clients over the years for a myriad of problems there is something about us all that either sticks us to negative beliefs or moves us towards our greatest potential. It is the source of our drive and imagination, it is the file upon which our minds will drive our thoughts and bodies towards.

I am sure you are familiar with “Be careful what you wish for.” and it is this aspect of our psyche which determines our path, let me explain…

Our minds are designed to give us exactly what we desire the most but there is a catch. Our subconscious does NOT know the difference between “Desire” and “Worry”

You see, it (our subconscious-SB) only picks up on what we think about most frequently, it does not pick and choose the theme or subject (you do) but it will act upon the most regular and pervasive thoughts and give you exactly what you think of most of the time. So if you are thinking you cannot do this or that, or you have no confidence, it will manifest those things, since that is what you “wished” for the most.

It becomes obvious the warning to be careful what you wish for is fraught with dangerous ideas.

But it’s not all bad news!

If we know the most invasive thoughts are the ones that generate our reality, we can use the minds ability to work those thoughts to our advantage.

But first, we have to separate the thoughts which hold us back from the natural ability to generate our reality.

Put aside for the moment what those thoughts are and let us focus on the actual ability for our SC to work in this way.

If we know our SC fixes onto the most prevalent thoughts then we can use that process to “programme” our outcomes.

Let me take you through an actual case I work with a few years ago in Spain (I get about).

A lady, we will call her Jan came to see me about her inability to “Let-go” of the grief of losing her husband more than five years previously.

She was depressed, on prescription drugs which, as she put it just numbs her mind but does nothing for the problem. She lived in one of the most idyllic places in Europe in a largely British ExPat community in the Andalusian mountains.

Her surroundings were spectacular, to say the least, but sadly, she could not enjoy them with her husband.

I sat listening to her story for over 2 hours (I’m never in a rush to end a session) and we discussed several ideas and alternatives to her situation. It became clear to me after asking her what her daily routine was since her husband had departed she was in a sort of “Groundhog” existence. Each day repeating the previous over and over again. With it came the emotional turmoil, depression and physical exhaustion.

In this case, as with so many others Jan, without knowing, kept wishing or as you now know “thinking” about the same things which created the reality she was now experiencing.

The biggest clue was a phrase she kept using without her conscious knowledge.

“I just feel I get out the wrong side of the bed every day.” Jan kept saying.

It was obvious to me she needed to break the mental process which generated the reality of her days.

Here is how we did it…

From depression to desire…

As we ended the session Jan asked me how much she owed me. I replied it was nothing as yet. But she could come back tomorrow around 11 am to pay me if she felt better.

Jan was a little confused but agreed to do so. I added she had to follow my instructions to the letter, no deviations, no creative input. She agreed.

I asked her to take a few post-it notes as reminders of what she should do when she woke up, here is what we did…

First note: Get out the OTHER SIDE OF THE BED. (This causes the SC to create a NEW “boot-up” to the day’s programme.) With her opposite foot touching the floor first and a slightly different route to the bedroom door, the unconscious cannot initiate the previous programme.

Second note: Use left hand to open the door. (She was right-handed) Again this breaks the chain of previous commands and enforces a new “pattern”

Third note: Was simply an arrow with the word “Coffee” on it. Her normal routine was to shower, dress and then make coffee. Now she was in her nightgown, not showered and broke the habit of a lifetime. The arrow pointed toward the kitchen.

Forth note: (Stuck to the kitchen wall above where she made coffee) it read: Sit on the balcony, sip the coffee and take note of how good it tastes. (This was, I admit a direct suggestion that the coffee would taste better than it had ever done but was also a complete distraction from the previous days routine since she never drank her coffee on the balcony.

Can you begin to understand what was going on here? (I hope so) Because this is POWERFUL.

Do not mistake the simplicity of these actions as weak in the face of such odds.

Jan had completely re-programmed the start of her day, nothing was the same and by that I also mean she FELT different. The simple reasoning behind all this comes from the fact we get “stuck” in a groundhog mindset, that brings with it the same emotional baggage the mind is used to working with, it just follows the instructions it has been given.

If you boot the computer the same way every day, you’re going to get the same software running, the same viruses, the same glitches and like computers it will eventually stop the computer doing what it was designed to do…work at optimum efficiency.

The following day Jan came to see me around 11 as arranged. I could tell the moment I opened the door that profound changes had taken place and we sat talking about the future. Which given yesterdays conversation, which was all about being stuck in the past, was music to my ears.

Jan had already made the decision to sell the property and move closer to the beach so she could enjoy the bars, restaurants, and people watching from her new location. Her life had changed overnight and her depression was nowhere to be seen.

Needless to say, Jan was very happy to pay me for our session and I was happy to see she had broken her own spell.

It not about post-it notes, it’s about understanding how to “Unstick” the negative programme from your mind and no amount of drugs will ever do that for you.

You are your best chance for success and as I say to all my clients…

Learn to take credit for the things you do well, the little changes you make act like a ripple on a lake, they span outwards and cover a much larger area very quickly.

If you wish to build a better you, start by making small changes and keep adding to them, you will quickly see the world through different eyes, think different thoughts and feel better emotions.

I hope you found this post useful and I wish you the very best on your journey.

Now you can wish for what you want and stop focusing on what you don’t want (since that is the problem).

Embrace the challenge…

Until next time strive to be a better version of you.

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May Peace be within you.


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