Hypnosis Therapy: What it cannot do…

Hypnosis Therapy

Hypnosis therapy or hypnotherapy has long since been an effective tool for numerous conditions. Not surprising since it works on directly on those parts of the mind which causes limiting beliefs.

And yet it remains misunderstood by countless individuals for many reasons and has been given a “bad rap” by Hollywood in the form of evil “mind-controllers.”

So let me explain what this tool is and more importantly; What it is NOT.

Hypnosis is NOT a mind control tool since it works with your own subconscious (SC). The part of your psyche which is designed to protect you and in many cases can be overprotective (more on that later.)

Your SC cannot be commanded to do anything that will endanger you or take on suggestions which will harm you in any way. I have found over the years it is the total opposite of what some clients believe.

While in a relaxed state (hypnotic trance) your mind is more susceptible to suggestions, the part which most people miss out is those suggestions MUST BE in keeping with your natural ability for protection.

If the SC detects ANYTHING in contradiction to its natural ability to protect, it will alert that person and they will simply become fully conscious.

So now, I suspect you’re going to cite those stage shows you see all sorts of people doing crazy things…

What you see on stage is a complex psychological show, it is not strictly hypnosis in its therapeutic form, let me explain.

Approximately 10% of the population is what we call “Somnambulistic” (Akin to sleepwalking) these people are more susceptible to suggestion than others but are no less protective of their own well being. What the stage hypnosis performers are looking for (in those silly tests) are the 10%.

Each stage of those “tests” eliminate those who form part of the greater population and out of a crowd of a few hundred you can expect to find a number which makes up the actual show.

Now, with that being said, the SC of those who form the show is NO LESS capable of awakening if a suggestion is made that would harm them in mind or body. The “protection” of the individual does not lessen because they seem to be more suggestible. They simply tend to go deeper than most but still retain the minds natural ability to remain in control.

But why do they do silly things?

Because of several reasons; Crowd psychology plays a BIG part in following the rules. Here is an example…

“Ladies and Gentlemen, there are only two types of people who cannot be hypnotised, the first are those with low IQ’s the second have a low attention span.”

Can you understand the pressure those “volunteers” are now under?

Do you think they want to look stupid in front of the whole room?

As I mentioned previously, there are many psychological factors involved when doing this sort of show and many of them have nothing to do with actual therapeutic hypnosis therapy. The pressure to NOT seem a little slow or stupid in firmly placed on those people and in many cases they will “go along” with it.

BTW the idea that two types of people which cannot be hypnotised used as examples here are totally untrue but does make for an effective “Do as your instructed.”

The other percentage are actual somnambulists and they are, as I mentioned the people whom the real show is about. But as stated, they will NOT allow suggestions which cause them harm. The SC will agree if it does not detect a negative impact and as you have no doubt seen there is none in the show.

So let me return back to the therapeutic aspects of hypnosis.

The simplest definition of hypnosis is this:

” It is the focusing of one’s attention down to a finite point to the exclusion of distractive peripheral ¬†thoughts.”

 We spend most of waking (and sleeping) hours swimming in an ocean of fleeting thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It is a rare moment when we can focus intently on a single thought or situation and remove those distracting interruptions that make us jump from one idea or feeling to another.

Hypnosis therapy allows us to FOCUS our mind upon an area which may have been previously a fleeting glance and allows us to work on that area with more clarity.

There is a saying in hypnosis:

“What the mind can conceive, the body will believe.”

It is this which makes hypnosis therapy a very powerful tool in helping with so many conditions such as depression, anxiety, confidence, weight loss and phobias to name a few.

In my last blog post I spoke of the emotional bully inside of us all, it is this aspect which clearly does not want us to move forward since it (wrongly) assumes it over-protective role in our minds.

What if I told you that many limiting thoughts, feelings and self-sabotage is down to our own psyche being over-protective.

This “protection” was probably imprinted at an early age (not in all cases) and as a child we needed it. But as stated in previous posts, the SC does not detect the passing of time, therefore it continues to “protect” long after the actual real threat has gone.

Hypnosis therapy, as with many other types seeks to reduce the amount of protection now we are older. I know this sounds counter-intuitive but that is the result of over protection.

I have been hypnosis therapists for over 30+ years, I have taught hypnosis to many others who went on to become successful hypnotherapists in their own right.

Hypnosis is a little like flying a plane… “Any fool can place you in a trance (relax you) but it takes a skilled pilot to land the craft. Hypnosis is no different. Anyone can learn to relax people using specific scripts, but it takes a skilled person to help you land the best solution while in that relaxed state.

Until my next installment, be kind to yourself, you are one of a kind…

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