About me

I have worked using CBT, coaching, counselling and therapy sector for over 30 years. I could tell you I used to teach Hypnosis to people who went on to become hypnotherapists at Kings university  in London; Would that make a difference?

Gaining my master NLP practitioners diploma over ten years ago gave me the tools I use today along with my studies in psychology degree at the OU more years ago than I care to remember.

Am I qualified to help you?

¬†I would say more than qualified but that would be blowing my own trumpet too much, so I’ll settle for a humble yes I believe I can.

Apart from my own life journey I have worked for countless individuals face to face therapist, counsellor, professional coach and hypnotherapist.

The combination of all these tools and disciplines gives me the resources to help most people realise the potential and remove negative blocks, no matter how immovable they may seem to at the time of our first meeting.

The quotes you will see on this website are genuine, from people representing all walks of life and many corporate clients over the years.

Can you imagine being dropped in the deep end at work and expected to “hit-the-ground-running” I can and have worked with 100’s of new mangers with personal and professional blocks. I was, for a many years a life coach and trainer for the Virgin group and saw a vast mix of blocks and barriers we worked through together.

I worked for many more years dealing with peoples life’s traumas in retrospect could have had dire consequences had we not intervened and removed the root causes.

I have worked with the MOD with senior officers on the psychology of leadership. Overcoming PTSD of returning military personal. In addition I have trained the higher levels of the ILM coaching skills to senior offices here in Wiltshire.

So what about me…

Qualifications are one thing, experience is another and I am proud to say I have collected both over my years as a supporter of removing negative emotional blocks and uncovering the potential we were ALL born with.

My focus has always been the same, how can I best serve the people that come to me for support?

To sum up this page about me…

I value two things in my career, the first is my clients, the second is my reputation and fortunately both go hand in hand.

I have had my own share of challenges, some held me back for years, others I was able to overcome faster than I thought I would. My experience with clients and my own life experiences along with the tools at my disposal make for a very effective (unconventional) approach and I hope you are curious enough to want to find out how I can help you.

I have had many clients who have seen countless therapists before me and yet we have made progress thought to be out-of-reach previously.

Your well being is based on you being able to understand yourself, my job is to show you how to evict the emotional bully living inside you.

If you want the opportunity to remove those blocks, if you wish to leave the limitations of past experiences behind and if you want to see what the real you looks like, contact me.

Email me: robert@hengecounselling.com

or call direct on 01672 562939