I have collected great feedback from clients from all walks of life, a mixture of corporate and personal customers are listed below for you to consider.

I do understand many sites simply make up these comments, this is NOT one of them, all comments are genuine and I retain the original documents.

The examples of scenario’s/situations on how I use psychological tools to my advantage was great!

The session was very useful and made me think about how I can manage myself and how I can pro-actively improve going forward.

(Daughter had exam stress) “The moment we arrived Robert put my daughter at ease and completely reversed the situation by reversing how Julie looked at the situation.” Unconventional but very effective.

“Learning about the psychology of communication was really interesting and very useful.”

I was in a dark place for many years with lots of negative baggage. Robert helped me turn the light back on at the end of a tunnel I had long since forgotten about, thank you.”

“Robert was willing to listen to every question and adopt to the needs of the few while educating the many on many aspects of emotional intelligence.”

“The extensive knowledge and experience demonstrated by Rob provided an exciting and all-round experience.”

” I just want to thank you for everything you have done to help my daughter through a traumatic experience. If you had not intervene when you did I shudder to think the damage it may have caused long term. (You don’t charge enough).”

(That was her words not mine btw)

“I have been a nurse for many years and have never seen such empathy and knowledge in the field of psychology. Your approach, guidance and understanding was amazing. Empowering other people is a gift and you clearly have it. My journey is ongoing but my burden is so much lighter, thank you.”

The training was informal, relevant, interesting and unique. It made me think of everything from a different point of view.”

My lack of confidence lost me opportunities to move forward in my job and life. I saw Robert three times and I am now a completely different person, although he did say I was the same person only better. Thank you.”

For those of you who may be aware of the important role within the MOD The Defence Academy play in protecting our country you will also be aware they are selective when it comes to allowing civilians to work on site and with some of the most senior officers. I had the pleasure and privilege to be one of those chosen to lecture on the psychology of Leadership and have included in these reviews a hand-written letter sent to me by the officer in charge and who attended my course.